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City of Winnipeg T.I.P.P. Estimator
Tax Type:
Please select either Realty or Business

Month to start TIPP Payments:
Enter the month you wish to make your first TIPP payment. If you wish to enroll on tipp for the new year, please select January.

Estimated Annual Taxes:
Enter the estimated annual taxes for either Realty or Business.

Estimated Penalties
Any unpaid balances remaining after the due date are subject to penalties at the current rate.

Estimated Application Fee:
Application fee is 2% of total value of missed payments.

Estimated Total Value of Missed Payments:
If you enroll on TIPP after January 1st, a one time non-refundable 2% application fee is applied to any missed monthly instalment payments. For example, starting TIPP on March 1st, you would have 2 missed payments.



Last update: July 24, 2014