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Assessment and Taxation

2020 Preview Program FAQ

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Why is the City sending out residential preview letters?
  • As part of the 2020 General Assessment, preliminary estimates of value have been developed for residential properties including single-family residential properties and residential condominium properties. This is the first chance to provide residential property owners an opportunity to preview their proposed assessments for 2020.
What is meant by the Market Value Date?
  • Legislation governing General Assessment activity in Manitoba requires that market values be updated once every 2 years. The 2020 General Assessment is based on a "market value date" or "reference date" of April 1, 2018. As such, the 2020 General Assessment updates market values from the previous reference date of April 1, 2016 to April 1, 2018.
What if I do not agree with the proposed market value in the letter?
  • The Assessment and Taxation Department is providing residential property owners with a number of opportunities to discuss the proposed market value with a Valuation Officer prior to the finalization and mailing of the 2020 General Assessment notices in June 2019.

    If you would like to discuss the proposed value with City staff you are invited to make an appointment through the Residential Review Appointment Program as outlined on your preview letter. Please bring along any relevant information that you would like to be considered. If you prefer to have a discussion on the telephone, you can call 311 or customers may also email and arrange to have a Valuation Officer return your call. Please allow up to three weeks for the department to return your call. More information on locations, dates and times.
I cannot make it to a Residential Review Appointment Program, what can I do to review my proposed market value?
  • You can visit the Assessment and Taxation website to review information on your property. Under the “Self-Service”, click on “My Properties” and enter our secured website by using your private user ID found in your preview letter.


    You can call the City's Customer Service Contact Center at 311 or toll free at 1-877-311-4974 and a service request will be forwarded to the Assessment and Taxation Department with your address and your concern listed. A Valuation Officer from the department will call you within three weeks of receiving the service request to discuss your concerns.
Can I file a formal appeal against the proposed value in my Preview Letter?
  • No. The value in the Preview letter is provided as preliminary information only at this time. Once we have received feedback from property owners through the preview process, any changes will be incorporated into the final valuations. The formal 2020 General Assessment Notice will be mailed in early June 2019. It is this formal notice that you will have an opportunity to appeal if you still wish to do so.
What is the average market value change from 2019 assessments to the proposed 2020 assessments?
  • The change in the overall assessment due to the 2020 General Assessments cannot be calculated at this time as non-residential properties have not yet been valued. However, the median assessment value increases in residential properties only, resulting from the 2020 General Assessment, range from 2% to 7% depending on the market region. Again, this relates only to residential properties and not the overall assessment roll increase for all properties.
How will the change in my assessment affect my 2020 property taxes?
  • It is too early to tell. First, the overall increase of the assessment roll (all properties) is not yet known as the updated valuation of non-residential properties is not yet completed. Second, even after all updated assessments are known, they will not be used for taxation purposes until 2020. The municipal component (money that goes to the City of Winnipeg) is just one component of your property tax bill. The City of Winnipeg is legally required to collect taxes on behalf of the education system as well. The City of Winnipeg has no control over the level of taxation regarding school taxes, as these rates are based on requirements from the Provincial Government and from each of the school divisions. The 2020 tax rates for the City, school divisions and the Province will not be set until the spring of 2020.

    An increase in the assessed value of your property does not necessarily mean a similar increase in taxes. It is important to remember that the assessment system is simply a distribution mechanism. It apportions the total tax requirements by the ratio of the value of your property to the total value of all properties in the City. After the total overall average increase for all properties is determined, how property taxes may impact an individual property can be understood as the extent to which the property's assessed value has increased in comparison to the average increase for all other properties. In general, if a property's value increases above the city-wide average, property taxes could be higher. If a property's value increases below the city wide average, property taxes could be lower. If a property's value increases at roughly the same rate as the city-wide average, property taxes could remain unchanged.
How many residential preview letters are getting mailed?
  • The Assessment and Taxation Department will be sending out two separate mailings to cover the City of Winnipeg. The first mailing is on October 25, 2018 with approximately 100,000 residential preview letters being mailed and another 105,000 on February 1, 2019.
Is there a way I can confirm sales data?
I own non-residential property when can I expect the proposed values to be ready and will I receive a preview letter?
  • Assessment and Taxation Department expects to have preliminary non-residential values available May 21, 2019. As in past General Assessment, individual preview letters will not be mailed to owners of non-residential properties. Non-residential values will first be provided on our website and upon posting of the values, non-residential property owners will be encouraged to contact us for a review of values, as required.
Last update: May 21, 2019