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City of Winnipeg
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Assessment and Taxation

Frequent Asked Questions

Q:What kind of information is available on the CityTax website?
A:CityTax enables users to access important assessment and tax information for individual properties. Information currently available on individual properties includes, but is not limited to, legal description, ownership, market value assessment, property tax bills, tax account status and property attributes.
Q:What/Who is the Legal Data Resources Corporation?
A: The Legal Data Resources Corporation (LDRC) is a non-profit corporation that provides tax and assessment data to its members via the CityTax website. LDRC users are typically law offices, real estate agents and financial institutions that require tax and assessment information to perform services for their clients.

Since November 1992, the City and LDRC have entered into a number of agreements which allow LDRC users access to the City's Electronic Tax Roll database on a fee for service basis. These contractual arrangements require LDRC to administer all financial, technical support and educational issues between them and their subscribers. LDRC offsets the costs associated with providing such services by adding a surcharge to the City's fee for service.
Q:Is there a cost to access the assessment and tax information available on City Tax?
A:Yes, the City charges a fee to subscribers, at a rate per transaction. Details on the current Tax Information (Electronic) fee.
Q:How frequently do you update the information available in CityTax?
A:Information available in CityTax is updated/refreshed daily.
If you're having problem viewing our pages, please try the following steps before contacting CityTaxSupport.
Step 1: reboot your PC.
Step 2: start your web browser.
Step 3: clear browser's cache before logging into citytax.
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   3.Double click "Advanced" in the "Category" section to expand it.
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   5.Click "Ok" to close "Preferences" popup window.
Last update: August 7, 2015